Our culture is in love with food. Everyone is a foodie, knows a foodie, or wants to be a foodie. Our special events and celebrations are sculpted around gala cuisine. Our political spectrum develops around the production of food, the dispersing of food in local communities and the marketing of food products nationally and abroad. The consumption and attitudes surrounding food can clearly reflect the moral fiber of a society and the inner beliefs of a person. We have strong emotions linked with the very words “feast” or “famine” and wonderful memories associated with certain meals. Food creates a common understanding for comfort, hunger or convenience and deeper associations to GMO’s, poverty, body image and environmental issues.

What is your most closely held connection or apparent disconnection to food? What insights do you have to our global food system or perhaps there is a secret love/hate relationship in your own personal consumption? We are interested in original entries that use creativity to explore and confront the many layers of food. What about food moves you?   



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